MOE Entertainment  provides music, entertainment, sound system, commercials, dj services, videos, powerpoint, stage set-up, lighting, backdrops, props, smoke machine, cameras and videography, t-shirts, radio/talk show productions for your special event.  Money Over Everything Entertainment is also geared to provide musical training classes, programs and mentorship to young up and coming male artists in the music industry.  The goal is to empower young men to be positive role models and leaders in their communities through learning how to provide for their families making legal money as an entrepreneur.  MOE also has an annual entertainment event showcasing all “STAR FUTURE ENTERTAINERS” and partners with The Amanda Manigault Company for all special events and educational activities.  

I AM UNIQUIA The mission of IAU is to provide training and mentorship to young girls through her modeling, acting, poetry and beauty classes/programs.  Uniquia is a catalyst in her community.  She focuses on helping young girls build their self esteem, confidence and motivation.  She has a performing arts studio that provides classes, after school and summer programs.  Uniquia also an entertainer who performs and hosts your special event, making it more lively and exciting.  She books fashion show events around the country and she has an annual fashion show event entitled I AM UNIQUIA FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA where she features her “STAR MODELS, ACTORS and POETS”  I AM UNIQUIA Partners with The Amanda Manigault Company for all special events and educational activities.  


A Small Consulting and Marketing Firm

AMANDA'S ART OF COSMETOLOGY INSTITUTE  currently provides online cosmetology courses, workshops and seminars in hairstyling, braiding, apprentice program and teacher of cosmetology.  Our new cosmetology in-house school will offer classes in Cosmetology, Hair Design, Esthetician, Nails, Teachers and Barbering

The Amanda Manigault Co.

WILBERT MANIGAULT INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES INC. dba SeniorsSingle Moms & Children.  The mission of "Seniors, Single Moms & Children," is to RESTORE, REPLENISH & REBUILD, seniors, single moms & children so that they can become catalysts in their families and within their communities, through outreach, personal & professional development and entrepreneurial empowerment, while ensuring that as many poverty stricken children are fed healthy, nutritious snacks and meals in low income areas. 

THE AMANDA MANIGAULT SALON CO.  Are you ready to join a community of creative, talented people who love what they do in a fun-filled, ever-changing atmosphere with opportunity for advancement?

The Amanda Manigault Salon Co. has opportunities for all levels of stylists, from enthusiastic new graduates to established professionals. We also offer FREE ongoing training opportunities on the latest trends and techniques to give our stylists a professional edge.  Our organization is like no other.  We strive to be the best in our industry.  And our new upcoming salons will be the beginning of the new era of salon opportunities.