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Poetry By Uniquia:  I SURRENDER

After so many years and so many tears, so many cares and so many fears,

I finally woke up and followed your voice,

I've run so long but now I have no choice.

I have to stand up and be the woman you called me to be,

I'm now living this life with a brand new identity.

I lift my hands to you, get on my knees an pray.......

Daily thanking you for all you've done to get me here today.

Living this way and Lord I have to say, Life is at its best,

I should have been living this way.

But even still I'd be nowhere if it were not for your grace,

I would not have this wisdom If it were not for your pace.

I surrender to you so that you can guide my life,

Take me through the rest of this journey helping me to do what's right.

Regardless to what anyone may think of how I choose to live, who I choose to love or who I can choose to forgive,

because after so many years and so many tears, so many cares and so many fears

I finally woke up and followed your voice and that I must say was my very best choice.

I surrender to you Lord and I know you'll see me through all things.  It is because of your love I know the smiles hard work brings.

I'm on my knees begging you to take all of me

I'm open to you Lord, here I am SURRENDERING...............

By:  Uniquia A.L. Manigault

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