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The Amanda Manigault Co.

Amanda's Story

Amanda was always inspired by her father, the late Elder Wilbert Manigault who prophesied over her life when she was eleven years old...

 Amanda L. Manigault  is Founder and Chief Executive Officer for The Amanda Manigault Co. The Amanda Manigault Co. is a very unique global company in vision and reach.  Our goal is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and EDUCATE people and businesses around the world, utilizing the Internet, Television, Radio, Talk Shows, Literature, Public Speaking, Workshops, Seminars, Beauty Salons and Beauty Shows as its primary vehicles of communication.   We also partner with other organizations to provide business opportunities and special events to inspire people to reach their life goals and help build million $$$$ businesses. We want to help restore, replenish, and rebuild lives and businesses through entrepreneurship; regardless to any circumstance.  There are four divisions of this organization. 

Division #1Amanda’s Art of Cosmetology Instituteoffers salon coaching, licensing in cosmetology, hair designs, natural hair & braiding,  and barbering.  We also offer online classes and continuing education.   Upon completion of our programs we assist with job placement.  

Division #2
The Amanda Manigault Salon Co. is a beauty salon franchise that is designed to offer career opportunities in our beauty salons and barber shops; three different opportunities on how to become a salon owner; and train salon owners how to become catalysts in their salon businesses and communities.  We also offer beauty salon coaching.   

Division #3
Amanda’s Cosmetology & Business Association  was designed with the professional cosmetologists, barbers and salon owners in mind. Joining this association is the first step to being informed and enlightened on everything pertaining to your career choice in cosmetology.  ACBA is a national organization that provides the platform to demonstrate competitive leadership in this billion $$$$ international industry.

Division #4
Wilbert Manigault International Ministries a non-profit 501c3 charity organization that strives to INSPIRE, EMPOWER & EDUCATE  working single moms and children around the world.  We join forces with other organizations to help ensure that as many poverty stricken children (up to age 18) are fed healthy, nutritious breakfast and lunch’s throughout the year in low income area’s while being in a safe learning environment. We provide after-school and summer development programs, community outreach, training, services, resources and housing for homeless moms & veterans.  We want to help others become catalysts for positive change in their families and in their communities.   

These four organizations are divisions of The Amanda Manigault Co., which is under the leadership of Amanda Manigault.  Her inspiration came from her father, the late Elder Wilbert Manigault.  Her guidance is inspired by her Lord and Savior “Jesus Christ.”  She’s author of LIVING ON EDGE!  “while trying to make it to the top.”  She focuses on assuring people that “they can do it regardless to their circumstances.”   She began her entrepreneurial career in cosmetology on her front porch on N. 6th Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at the early age of eleven years old as a “hair braider.”  She’s a graduate from Empire Beauty School, licensed Cosmetologist, Cosmetology Teacher and ordained minister.  She was a beauty salon owner for seventeen years prior to opening her first Beauty School.  Her newest innovation is her course entitled “BUILDING YOUR MILLION $$$$ SALON"  and her new daily devotional specifically designed for business owners.  Amanda teaches from her training system, the 4 P’s that we must master in order to become successful entrepreneurs.  (PURPOSE* PASSION* PLAN* PREPARATION) 

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